I know what you’re thinking.

Let me rephrase: I know what it feels like to sit where you’re sitting. How? Because for the past 14 years, I’ve been the client. I’ve been the one on the other side of the table looking for the idea, the presentation, the total package that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and absolutely HAVE to have. I’ve been the one who wants it all – social media, digital marketing, media buying, public relations, web development and advertising strategy – all within budget. I’ve been the one who doesn’t just want the promise of results, but actual results. Now, I’m taking everything I ever wanted as a client, and delivering it to clients of my own. That’s MY Agency Savannah.


Take a look at where we’ve been and we think you’ll get a good idea of just how far you can go.


Diet Sodas


Daily Facebook Likes


Amazing Websites


Bacon Slices

Our Strategic Partners

At MY Agency Savannah we are also firm believers that the best results come from working with the best professionals. So we have aligned ourselves with amazingly talented co-collaborators, each with their own specialties. Search engine optimization, web development, graphic design, copywriting, social media – and on – and on – all work together through MY Agency Savannah like a streamlined dream team. Here are just a few of the esteemed members of our creative network.



Creative Peanut

"Everything should be made as simple as possible... not simpler."
-Albert Einstein


Here’s what MY Agency Savannah will do for you. Want to know more? Need a marketing service that’s not listed? Just get in touch to find out more.

Website Design & Development

Public Relations


Digital/Interactive Media

Social Media

Media Buying


Our clients. We gladly represent them. Their work represents us. Take a look and see why they choose
MY Agency Savannah.

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